Food doesn’t get any better than this! by Janet F.


“This is right in my back yard, but I would travel for miles now because our family is so addicted. The best-tasting BBQ I have ever had…kiln fired pizza…and try their ‘Dirty Hog Pen.’ Yum!”

From Square Processing Feedback


“Love the fireplace! What a great place to eat, relax, and visit!!”

From Casey B in Buena Vista



“A restaurant with edible food in Buena Vista. Could it be true? I take all of my out of town guests to JJ’s and they all love it. I hated the fact I had to drive to a different town just to get edible food, but JJ’s is a game changer. In fact I think I’ll go there for dinner tonight. :)”

Leah S from Cumberland MD


“Awesome food, the pulled pork and hog pen nachos were delicious! Everything tastes very fresh and it is comforting to be able to see them making the food you eat. Love it and will recommend to anyone looking for good BBQ.”